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The most common joint arthroplasty surgeries done at Svastha hospital are the knee pant replacement and Hip joint replacement. There are most commonly done to treat advanced knee and Hip arthritis. Age related wear (Osteoarthritis), autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid arthritis) and Previous joint injuries and fractures  (Trauma) are some of the causes of arthritis. Severe pain, limited mobility and unsightly deformity are some of the common symptoms of an arthritic joint. Total joint replacement alleviates pain, improves or bring back mobility and corrects deformity.

We at Svastha have a dedicated. ultra clean operation room for major Orthopaedic surgeries including joint replacement surgeries.  We use most advanced Instruments and latest technology including computer navigation. Our pre-Operative team of specialist nurses and doctors assess the patient for their safety and suitability to undergo the procedure. We spend time and resources of give all relevant information and help patients make an informed decision. There is a well-established physiotherapy unit skilled to rehabilitate patients after joint replacements. where appropriate the physio team helps patients in their home therapy as well. We are proud to say that our approach of customizing the treatment and follow up, to individual patients has results in a very high satisfaction rate amongst our patients.


Accessing difficult and concealed parts of joint and hence treating injuries and diseases of joint tissues and ligaments is safety done swth arthroscopy. With tiny cuts on the skin and minimal disruption of normal tissues, a camera and multiple interuments can be inserted into a joint to treat menisus and ligament related problems. At Svastha, we treat almost all knee ligament and cartilage related problems by arthroscopy. Knee meniscal repairs and menisectomies; Anterior and Posterior Cruciate ( ACL. and PCL) ligament reconstructions. Cartilage surgeries (Chondroplasty)are some of the commonly performed knee arthroscopic surgeries in oor hospital. similarly we do rotator cuff repair, Bankart’s repair, AC, debridement and other shoulder arthroscopic procedures as well,

Trauma, tractors and Joint Dislocations:

Road traffic accidents and self fall are common causes of emergency room admission in india. We have fully trained doctors, Skilled nurses and support Staff. backed up with 24- hour radiology and lab services to cater to various, Orthopaedic and other injuries we have a streamlined facility to do any emergency surgery at any time of the day or night depending on the severity of trauma and necessity for urgent intervention.

Non-surgical treatment as appropriate. A fully equipped physiotherapy and rehabilitation facility by skilled physiotherapist is available to help individual patient achieve their needs and Object have expertise in treating sports injuries of all complexities in people of all abilities.


Bone tumors are uncommon compared to other tumours. A good number of them are benign. bone tumours are luckily rare in occurrences. We are skilled and equipped to treat most of these and various treatments including biopsy, excision, curettage, bone grafting, bone transport and lengthening procedures, amputation and limb salvage procedures.


Infection in bone is called Osteomyelitis and depending on the duration of initial presentation to plat treatment, it can be classified as Acute or Chronic Very early presentations especially in children, ca treated with appropriate antibiotics, but more commonly these patients need surgical treatment In of debridement and curettage. Patients with chronic osteomyelitis tend to have recurrent bouts of we discharge and intermittent pain and inflammation before the sinus erupts. Thorough appropriate stabilization and sometimes bone transport help to achieve Infection free healthy bony hence restore normal function.


Endoscopic surgery of spine has revolutionized the treatment of most spinal conditions include discectomy. it has led to a relatively pain free recovery and has improved the safety and efficacy procedure. We are a high volume center for spinal surgeries in the local community and our expert team of neurosurgeons offer treatment for both trauma and non-trauma Spinal conditions.

We at Svastha hospital have a highly skilled, motivated and a dedicated Orthopaedic team which offer the best quality  service in treating most Orthopaedic problems. We are passionate about our work and aim to achieve the best outcome for our patents that would be available anywhere in the globe. Our emergency trauma team, supported by the trauma Operation theater, is available 24/7 and caters to all types. of injuries. We take utmost care in alleviating pain. making appropriate diagnosis, offering quality surgical and non-surgical treatment at an affordable cost. Out Trauma and Orthopedic operation theater is equipped with latest and state of the art equipment’s. We have laid down and follow strict protocols and guidelines to keep the operation room safe and efficient for surgeons to work with. Fully trained operation room staff assist our surgeons to give the best possible outcome to our patients. Together with trained, compassionate nursing care. along with physiotherapy and rehabilitation services the Svastha Hospital Orthopaedic service is considered the best and the most affordable in the local community. It is not surprising that we get multiple referrals and requests to treat most complex Orthopaedic ailments, not only locally, but also from other states.

The following are the services provided by Our Orthopaedic team:

Treatment of fractures and Dislocation

Joint Replacement Surgery

Knee Joint

Hip Joint

Shoulder joint

Elbow rant

Arthroscopy Surgery


Arthroscopic meniscal Surgeries

Arthroscopic ACT reconstruction

Arthroscopic Chondroplasty and other treatments


Treatment for instability (Arthroscopic Bankart repair and Latarjet procedure)

Treatment for Rotator Cuff disease (Cuff repair)

Arthroscopic ACI treatments

Ankle and Wrist Arthroscopies

Sports injuries


Micro Discectomy

Pedical screw and spine stabilization surgeries


Soft tissue tumours

Bony tumours


Acute and Chronic Osteomyelitis

Soft tissue infection

Nonunion surgeries:

Infected and non-infected Nonunions