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Mr. Devaraj

Svastha Hospital has helped me in the COV19 lungs infections for me it was 70% infected.  They have given excellent treatment to recover my health measures. Even I appreciate the Doctors, Nursing Staffs and Ward Lady’s they have taken care me and also they treat every patients has own children to serve the patients when ever required at the time of treatment. I also Appreciate the Management who is taken very precautions steps in maintaining the Hospital with clean and genuine steps of health measures. If I have recovered speedy because of svastha hospital. Everyone should avail treatment here

Mr. Chidanand

My wife was admitted into Svastha hospital for a treatment and had a good experience. Especially I want to mention Dr. Pavan, Dr.Vamsavardhan & Dr. Dayanand are very good doctors, all the medical treatment which was given help to recover her health. Thanks a lot 🙏

Mr. Lathish Balaram

My sincere thanks from bottom of my heart to the Doctor’s of “Svastha Hospital ” namely Dr.Dayanand, Dr.Naveen & Dr.Vamshi, who were caring and showed me waramth with which they treated me well. On this occasion I would like to thank the Medical & Non Medical staff of your Hospital, who were courteous & rendered their respective jobs sincerely towards me. “Thank you Team Svastha”

Mrs. Sofia Lobo

Dr. Dayananda be Mruthunjayappa he is an excellent Doctor. He knows how to reciprocate to any patient no matter how stubborn they are. Dr. Naveen is a very good physician. I like the way he treats his patients. Dr. Vamshi is very patient with his/ her patient’s. He gives lots of time to each patient. He also is a very good physician Dr. Pavan is an excellent orthopaedic surgeon. I like the way he treats his patients. He being the owner of the hospital knows how to get things done.

Mrs. Neha

Thanks a lot Dr Vamshi…….for all good work you do……you guided and treated me well, Thank you……Salute to the service you provide.

Mr. Kishore

Thanks for helping in that day…..🙏 You are great doctor  healing people with your toch you are wonderful person as well as you will bring joy and warmth  to our heart…happy doctor day…

Mr. Girish Punnuri

We have admitted my father & the interior care taken by the whole hospital staff helped us get my father discharged healthy in just 5 days. Hats off to the passion, commitment & hard-work of Dr. Vamsi – he not only concentrates on the immediate relief but he will be committed until he finds out the root cause of the issue. He want to clean the root, so that the problem doesn’t occur again. It’s very difficult to find such doctors, @Vamsi sir, thanks a ton. Also great care by duty doctors gave patients great hope of early cure, thanks a lot for your interior care.

Mrs. Makini Vijayalakshmi

With Picture I am greatfull to my doctor’s Dr. Sowmya Pavan and Dr Vamsi Reddy for the support they gave me during my pregnancy and birth of my Baby. When I went to them after conceiving with high hba1c values. Both were very supportive from then itself. Even through it is covid period, they never missed my visits and check ups. I have to mention that they respected my birthing choices, never ever did they raise their voice or show their authority. Vamsi sir used to explain points Precisely. Gave confidence that i can go through this with out any complications. One reason for my successful normal delivery is Dr sowmya pavan, she helped me makes informed decisions during my labor that contributed to my normal delivery success. My baby, my husband and whole of my family owe it to Dr sowmya pavan and Dr Vamsi Reddy. With out them my pregnancy journey is not that happy. Special thanks to Dr Pavan Sir for providing continous support in room allocation, billing and in discharge. He is down to earth and his supportiveness and kindness are amazing. Never seen such a good person. He is an all rounder. Made our process so easy. Not to forget the love and support from the entire nursing team and hospital management, I felt at home! Thankyou SVASTHA HOSPITAL.

Mrs. Pankhuri Priya

It gives me immense pleasure to write about Dr. Sowmya Pawan. She is very caring, friendly and treat her patients with utmost care and responsibility. I highly recommend her for the gynecological treatment and looking forward to associate for future treatments also.

Ms Jennifer Abernethy

Hospital management was very helpful. Food was excellent. Hygiene was very good. High priority was given. The Doctors were very caring. Especially Dr. Pavan, Dr. Ravindra & Dr. Thygarajan were extremely good & courteous. Front office was very helpful. Administrator madam was very patient in hearing my woes and helped me a lot. Nursing care was very good.