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At Svastha Hospital, the Radiology services are provided by MedRad Diagnostics which consists of expert medical team, state-of-the-art facilities and patient care with individualized diagnosis and treatment plans that enable us to achieve high success rates. The team of specialists here at the Svastha Hospital, comprehensively evaluate health to create an individualized plan of care.

Diagnostic imaging and radiology

Diagnostic radiologists make use of latest technological advances in radiation, magnetism, and sound waves to explore disease-causing structural changes or defects. Svastha Hospital supports physicians and surgeons across multidisciplinary institutes in Svastha Hospital with radiology and imaging diagnostics such as 3-Tesla MRI, 64 – slice CT, vascular doppler, ultrasonography, digital X-ray (roentgenography), 3D mammography, myelography and fluoroscopy.

The radiologists closely work with specialty clinicians to ensure all the required information is interpreted from the diagnostic data. Also, the team works together to reduce the possible risks and complications that are related to the procedure.

Intra-operative diagnostics

Intra-operative MRI and virtual procedures such as 3D virtual bronchoscopy, 3D virtual colonoscopy, have paved new paths towards unprecedented surgical outcomes especially in neurosurgery and pulmonary surgery divisions. These intra-operative diagnostic procedures not only offer surgeon the ease and better surgical-site approach but also an array of benefits to the patient. Improved surgical corrections in a single sitting, lesser complications, smaller incisions and scar, faster recovery and sooner return to the normal routine are some of the patient-centric benefits. Also with technical advances, in many cases these days, radiological procedures successfully obviate the need for invasive procedures.

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