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Mr. Ranadheer

I am here to review the consultation with Dr.Rashmi N Biradar mam(Dermatologist).
this review out of extreme satisfaction with treatment i got. Recently I have infected with severe viral infection i.e, herpes zoster(shingles) Which is happened on face and neck region with this issue i could not able open my eyes coz it has infected on facial nerves and had drowsy feeling. i could not able to stand even. I have consulted rashmi mam at very severe situation when i could not bare even for half day. She will not prescribe single un necessary tests,medicine, and consultations. & Every medicine she prescribed will work on every issue we consulted for..for exmpl in my case i have infected with nerves, and drowsy condition which is at peak,she has prescribed for all of them.also for 2nd openion i have consulted neurologist he said every medicine which rashmi mam prescribed was perfect.he added that she has prescribed for nerve issue also.& I have consulted her on multiple issues other than this. she has given medicine for all of them and every medicine is working on every problem perfectly.& She has a lot of patience if u ask her 100 questions regarding ur health she will answer every qstn of urs with lot of patience.before u ask she will xplain about all ur condition and why and how u got it & measures to take.She is the kind of person who wants her patient to be  cured well and fully.u will understand the meaning of this when u consult her.

If u got any issue related to skin i would suggest u to defenetly consult rashmi mam no matter where u are in the Bangalore. Coz now a days getting a good doctor for our health issue is imp.